What my clients are saying…

We struggled for 3 years trying to rebuild our website. We needed something that would reflect our agency's broad scope of service offerings in a way that our users (ranging from 40 years to over 90 years of age) could easily navigate. It also needed to inform, educate, and present complex service layers. Elizabeth conceptualized, architected and wrote the majority of the content so each program was represented in a way that could satisfy all of our audiences. She worked with our web designer/developer to make sure the site was search engine friendly and, perhaps more importantly, that we could use it as a tool of business as we grow.

Cheryn Weiser, Executive Director
Senior Services of Island County
Elizabeth has taught me a lot of the mechanics around building a web site with Word Press. A lot of others have “taught” me, too. The reason why I am learning now is because she creates a safe place for a person to learn. You tune in to who you are dealing with and deal with her where she is. She does this calmly and patiently and with her trademark sense of humor and irony. Not only am I building a web presence under her guidance, but I feel valued by her and understood. From the first consultation she gave me she has been generous both with her time and knowledge. She freely shared what she knows without me feeling like she's holding something back for a future sale. She is honest, up front, smart, creative and fair. I so appreciate her. I’m excited about what I might be able to do with her support and guidance. She is a rare gem.

Viv Monahan
Coach Viv
I have had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth Harris since 2004.

She was responsible for researching, architecting and writing the content of most of my website. Her years of prior experience with corporate marketing were a great asset to the development and growth of my business. She continually keeps her skills on the leading edge by staying abreast of the ever-changing marketing and Internet trends.

Capable of seeing the big picture, while orchestrating the necessary fine strokes of any project, she excels as a team/project leader.

Elizabeth is professional, effective and personable. She listens to her clients and communicates her input with easily understood and professional communication skill.

Sherri Backstrom, Owner
Waypoint Yacht Charter services
Elizabeth Harris has been a great asset to our company through her many skills, chief among them her ability to put thoughts and ideas into relevant and effective words. Her writing ability spans the spectrum from formal business to originally creative. It is always a pleasure to see what her pen will produce.

Dudley Evenson, Owner
Soundings of the Planet
I contracted with Elizabeth Harris to help me write and produce a book. She writes in a warm, personal, easy-to-understand style. Equally important, she has a "can do" attitude, gets her work done on time, and has a good eye for what the reader is looking for. I would not hesitate to ask her help on my next book.

Bill Slater, MBA
Practice Management Consultant
Elizabeth's creative approach, business skills and personal skills, enthusiasm and support have made her an invaluable ally on this journey of bringing my dreams to reality. Many thanks!

Linda Allen, Musician/Educator
October Rose Productions

Over the past few years, Elizabeth has helped me architect and grow my online business from an initial, brochure website to a revenue producing site with a significant online presence. Her constant attention to how my site serves the goals of my business has been particularly valuable. I now have an online profit system that is able to grow as my business expands. Elizabeth is an excellent strategist, project manager, a creative mind and skilled writer. From concept to completion, she is a small-business person’s ally. I highly recommend her services.

John Costanti
Fairhaven Bay Seafoods
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth Harris on many diverse and challenging projects. If your company’s greatest concern is “time and money,” then Beyond Consulting is right for you. Elizabeth delivers fresh, creative solutions!

Randy Hock
Music Retail Consultant, Lawrenceville, New Jersey