“When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing.” ~ Enrique Percella
Don’t let time, confidence or lack of skill prevent you from creating what you want. The mind that envisions is not always the same one that creates; and the one that creates is not always the one that produces crisp, grammatically correct sentences. Even if your writing is clear and accurate, sometimes you’re just too busy to work the body of material into something cohesive or bring the project to a finishing point.
I’m here to help you realize your writing goals, whether they’re business-related or personal. All you need do is contact me and we’ll discuss the breadth and scope of your project. Once I’ve seen the raw material and evaluated it, I’ll give you an estimate. If we agree to go forward, we’ll set a timeline and proceed with confidence.

Writing is the sweet spot of the services I offer. I have broad experience in the following areas:

  • Keyword Enriched Content Writing
  • Marketing and Sales Communications
  • Creative Writing (Ghostwriting, Blogs, Articles)
  • Proof Reading and/or Copy Editing (3-6 pages/hr.)
  • Substantive/Content Editing (2-5 pages/hr.)
  • Corporate Newsletters (text supplied by client)
  • Press Releases

If you do decide to contact me, please be at ease knowing that I don’t engage in hard sell tactics nor do I harvest or share any of your personal information.

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