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If you can think it, explain it, or write it,
I can create it, craft it and manage its debut into the world.


~ If you can think it, utter it, or write it, I can create it, craft it and project manage its debut out into the world. ~

I am an experienced writer, full spectrum editor and literary project manager. I’m here to help you create, compile and polish your book or that literary project that’s been waiting to get out there. Whatever you have to say, I’ll help you say it with direction, focus, and an eye toward marketability.

I am your ally. My strength is in my ability to convert your raw material into a clear, polished presentation that you can be proud of…one that you can post on the web, send to your publisher or hand out to your readers and customers. When needed, I work with other professional consultants (proofreaders, graphic artists, designers, and pre-publication experts), all of whom are experienced in what they do. I understand the intricacies of what needs to be done and will work with you to produce the results you’re looking for.
Here’s to your success!
E.G. Harris

Writing Services

Creative writing, ghost writing and keyword enriched content writing.
Organizing information in a intuitive and readable way.
Project Consulting & Management
Writing projects need process flow. Masterminding is at the heart of my services.



This site’s content falls basically into 3 simple categories:
  1. Writing
  2. Editing
  3. Project Consulting & Management
Creative Projects.

Customer Reviews

Bien sûr, voici une sélection de dix témoignages de clients satisfaits des services de “NatureCo” dans les domaines du solaire en autoconsommation, des travaux d’isolation et de la mise en place de pompes à chaleur :


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