Professional Writing Services

I write creatively and edit professionally — books, articles, blog posts — you name it. I have years of experience in content writing and editing all but highly technical material. My favorite projects are books, but I also work on blog posts, articles, stories and, more recently, AI generated material that needs human intervention.
Accurate and coherent words, story structure and flow provides readers with a clear path to understanding what you’re trying to tell them. The core essence of editing is to make sure all components are integrated smoothly. Editing informs how content is displayed and delivered, all the while preserving the author’s intent. It is always guided with respect to the reader’s experience. I specialize in working with authors to create and deliver a great product and, if desired, to help bring it to publication.

Consulting & Project Management

Bringing your work to the world requires navigation. I’m here to help you bring your Independent publication/book to the Kindle/Amazon marketplace. I work with book designers, illustrators, and pre-publication experts to make sure your project goes smoothly, from helping you obtain your identifiers (ISBN, copyright, etc) to perfecting your Kindle/Amazon sales page. I will help you get the reviews you need, position you on Goodreads and Facebook, create your Author’s packet/pages, and marketing materials.
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