Website Project Consulting & Management

You can spend a lot of time and money creating an aesthetically pleasing site that sits there among billions of other websites and does little or nothing.

A site needs to work for you.  It is a system comprised of features and functions that, properly executed, should operate to help meet the goals of your business.  Creating a site that is intuitive for the user and technologically capable of marketing, selling, networking, and being easily found is key to your success.

Masterminding online profit growth is t the heart of my business.  I work with other skilled professionals to provide the following:

  • Concept Development
  • Site Architecture
  • Design Consultation
  • Market Positioning
  • Social Networking Setup & Oversite

Scoping the work, orchestrating the build, coaching the team, measuring the progress, advancing toward the goals — in short, making sure the site gets done on time and on budget — is what I love doing.

If you want to approach the building or the renovation of your site intelligently, thoughtfully and as a true investment in your business, call me. I will dedicate brains and resources, and you will enjoy the fruit of years of experience.

If you’re frantic about getting the job done on a short time line; view the cost of building your site as a necessary evil and a huge expense; or if you’re a micro-manager…don’t call me.  I’m not interested in getting involved with any project that isn’t time-lined intelligently and adequately budgeted.